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About Unique Destine

Unique Destine (UD) is a unique consulting and service providing organization. UD focuses in creating opportunities to learn and train its members and also provides business solutions to all types of Corporates, Professionals and Entrepreneurs. Our mission strategy is to educate everyone on everything that will lighten your unique journey towards your successful vision and mission.

The generation today have lot of skills and talents. Every individual is unique and have different types of experience in their forte. They are the SME’s (Subject Matter Experts). Currently there are lot of different training institutes and freelancers, those who conduct specialized trainings for variety of soft skills and hard skills. Next generation skills, are critical in the modern knowledge economy. One of the biggest challenges facing educators today is, “How do we prepare today’s learners for jobs that don’t yet exist and which will require proficiency in technologies that haven’t been invented.” Unique Destine eminent learning gallery is the inimitable platform where our customers will enhance their choice of professional skills and knowledge from the courses in our learning library. The learning portal is built with the vision of next generation skills. Collaboration and communication with other members and the facilitator are part of the process. All the trainers and coaches have an opportunity to showcase their talent and skills by performing and delivering the best knowledge sharing and training on UDEdu.

Unique Destine is the future training universe of the learning galaxy for all the rising stars. We are destined to empower every generation in the world.


A Preferred unique brand in coaching, consulting and professional services along with career support and skill development for all types of industry.

A Peerless creative art gallery for all creative artists and innovative thinkers to exhibit their drawing, paintings, sketches, graphical designs, handmade crafts, models, sculptures and exclusive photography of nature and wildlife.

A Perfect One-Stop E-Commerce platform for variety of products and services.



We are destined to empower and educate everyone everything and guide them in their path towards affluence and successful life.

We will continuously keep upgrading and developing our unique services to meet customer satisfaction at all times.

Core Values


We show sound moral and ethical principles

We respect and appreciate differences in ethnicity, gender, age, physical abilities, sexual orientation, education and religion

Our positivity is contagious and boosts the happiness, productivity and creativity of those around us

We believe in the power of creativity and cultivating it in both children and adults

We are unique as we show a strong will to win in the marketplace and every aspect of our business

Together we are stronger. We deliver more success through shared goals and mutual support.

UD Management

Dinesh K. Nair

Founder and CEO, Unique Destine

is PMP® and Prince2® certified pioneer consultant and experienced professional who has demonstrated history of working with many different types of industries. He is also accredited Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and a Leadership Coach with strong skills and practice in managing diverse agile projects.

He has 20 years of cross-cultural experience across wide-range of functions entailing international service delivery, operations management and project management. Resourceful in operations and project management encompassing planning, design, analysis, scope & risk management, contingency planning, resource handling and ensuring on-time delivery. Practiced as a transition manager for transitioning the projects to offshore. Strong aptitude to shape innovative performance and demonstrable success in delivery, supported by strengths in leadership, influence, communication and decision making.


  • Leaders Who Manage : Portfolio, Program, Project, Change, Resource
  • Creative Minds : Artist, Designers, Photographers, Videographer, Program Coder
  • Professionals : Coach, Trainer, Teacher, Speaker, Counselor
  • Explorer & Organizer : Domestic, International, Corporate Events, Celebrations, Offsites/Picnics
  • Food & Foodie : Makers, Eaters, Takers, Distributers, Specialist


Likewise, Working partners, Affiliates, Freelancer, Consultants, Corporates, Administration IT roles and many more…

We together are responsible and accountable for our endeavor and success.