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CCC Professional Cloud Security Manager (PCS)

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CCC  Professional Cloud Security Manager

The Professional Cloud Security Manager (PCS) course is to explore relevant concepts related to security, risk and compliance within the cloud computing environment. The objectives for this course are to enable the candidates to apply the underpinning security concepts into an enterprise cloud computing environment.

The risks and the impact of cloud computing must be understood in terms of both business and technical security challenges and their effect on business and technical governance and policy. The course also presents the terminologies used to describe security threats and issues and, in particular those in cloud computing.

Target Audience

  • IT Managers and Solution Consultants
  • IT Specialists (Analysts, Developers, Architects, Testing, etc.)
  • IT Administrators (System, Database, etc.)
  • IT Provisioning and Maintenance (Hardware, Network, Storage, etc.

Course Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain what it takes to secure the different cloud computing services and deployment models.
  • Explain design security regarding the cloud infrastructure, configurations, and applications running within a cloud computing environment.
  • Explain, apply, and analyse how to manage access to cloud computing resources using accounts, users, and groups.
  • Explain, apply, and analyse the ways of securing data, operating systems, and applications and overall infrastructure within the cloud.

Course Content

  • Course Introduction
  • Cloud Computing: Security, Risk and Governance
  • Cloud Computing Basics
  • Information Security Management
  • IT Governance
  • Cloud Computing Security
  • Physical and Operations Security: A Shared Responsibility
  • Security and Compliance: A Shared Responsibility
  • Physical and Operations Security Considerations
  • Risk Management: A Shared Perspective


  • Security Management Controls in Cloud Computing
  • Module Learning Objectives
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Data Protection
  • Data Security Lifecycle
  • Forensics in the Cloud
  • Legal, Contractual, and Operational Monitoring in Cloud
  • <

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