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Tanjore Paintings - Ramar Pattabhishekam

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Lord Ram Family / Yudha Gandam–Coronation of Rama (Ramar Pattabhishekam) - Tanjore / Thanjavur Paintings

Bharathan prostrated before Rama with both his hands together above his head. Kaigeyis face blossomed on seeing this. Bharathan told that he is handing over the kingdom to rama the same way it was handed over to him earlier. He told that he is not fit to perform  instead of Rama. He told that Dasarathan got Rama as son after strict penance and it does not give any meaning if a tree grows, gives flowers and fruits but is not used . He told that Rama deserves to enjoy all the happiness and comforts and everyone else would be happy to serve him. Rama is the person to save the entire human being.

Hearing this Rama went and sat in a nice chair. Barbers shaved Ramas hair. Then he took bath and came in a royal dress. Dasrathas wives decorated Sita. Chatrukhnan decorated Ram and Lakshman. Mother Kousalya decorated  the Varana women. Chatruknan order Sumantharan to bring a decorated Chariot.  Ram got into the Chariot and Ram and Lakshman started. Dasarathas Ministers decided to conduct the coronation with Rishi Vasishtar leading it from the front. Ashok, Vijay and sumanthirar Met Vasihtar and requested him to lead the Coronation for the purpose of Ramas Honour and  the wellness of the people.

Ram started in a decorated chariot  surrounded by Vanaras, People of Ayodhya . This looked like Indira coming along with Devas. Bharathan became the driver of the Chariot. Chathruknan held an umbrella, Lakshman and Vibhishanan .  In the Sky, Devas, Rishis started praising Ram for having destroyed the demons and Ravana and bringing great prosperity to this world. Sukrivan climbed up an Elephant and looked like Indiran  on top of Iravath(elephant). Rest of the Vanaras took the form of human being and were on top of Nine thousand elephants. With auspicious instruments being played, Ram started to Ayodhya. Ministers echoed ‘jai Vijayibava” and followed Ram. Lord Ram appeared like a moon surrounded by stars. Cows with auspicious decorations followed. Ram explained the friendship that got created between him and Sukrivan. People of ayodhya looked at with astonishment.

Thus describing his time during exile, Lord Ram entered  Ayodhya. All the houses were decorated. All the doors had decorations done. Lord Ram was honoured by people. Lord Ram prostrated before Kousalya, Sumithira, Kaigeyi, then spoke towards Barathan that let Sukrivan stay with him in the palace. Bharathan understood Rams Intentions and took him inside the palace. Chathruknan requested sukrivan to ask Vanaras to bring water from Rivers to prepare for Rams Coronation.

Immediately Jambhava, Hanuman, Vedhavarsi , Rishaba started and brought water from 500 different rivers.


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